Warm, beautiful Prague

We came to Prague just as the city was experiencing its warmest start to May – 28 degrees and no sign of an evening cool breeze. It feels hotter than 28 though.

This city is by far our favourite on our journey to date. The architecture is mostly Gothic style and it has escaped wars and conflict relatively unscathed (unlike Budapest – a mix of architecture, virtually none in the Gothic style, and a lot has seen better days… We still have bullet-wounded building facades).

Set on the river Vltava, teeming with glass, crystal and jewellery stores, cat motifs which no one can explain and beer that’s cheaper than water (not kidding), Prague has enveloped us in warmth, art and beauty.

We are staying right in the centre of the Old Town, so it’s a little noisy but the hotel is quaint and they serve excellent cakes, so, y’know, noise-schmoise.

We have walked kilometre after kilometre of cobbled bluestone streets, narrowly avoiding pick-pockets and scary pizza delivery drivers.

The Charles Bridge, built sometime in the 12th century, is stunning. We took a boat ride today along the river – not sure if I was more enamoured with the dozens of ducklings, the cool breeze off the water, our “captain” dressed in sailor stripes, or the views all around us.

We sampled Czech beer (B more than me, but I’m not a beer fan) and last night consumed some kind of ridiculously large meat platter featuring pork ribs and knee (KNEE!).

During our long, sweaty walk today we found ourselves on one of the islands on the river; a cool, green oasis of shade, and conveniently, a restaurant!
Homemade ginger lemonade and pasta for me, schnitzel and beer for B… Overlooking the river and listening to a multitude of languages.

In preparation for tomorrow, I borrowed some scissors from hotel reception and hacked off a pair of tights to 3/4 length to wear with a (slightly-too-short) skirt, and bugger it, I’m wearing thongs! (Flip flops for anyone not from Australia) My sandals are so worn out they’re almost painful and my runners are just too hot. We’ve both packed badly for this trip, thanks to conflicting weather reports!

Wardrobe planning deficits aside…
Tomorrow we aim to be up early and head to Prague Castle for the morning. It’s the biggest in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to the iWonders of modern iTechnology, I can post some iPhone photos here!










About SKR

30-something Australian who happened to live in Budapest for 8 months in 2012. Returned for a holiday in 2014 & 2015. Became a mum in 2016.
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