Rural Life

Skanzen, a set on Flickr.

Last week we visited the Skanzen (open air museum) in Szentendre, just up the river from Budapest. B and I have decided we will buy or build an old mud brick house like the ones we saw here, clad it white and have a thatched roof and lots of red geraniums on the window sills. They are lovely and cool inside and each has a huge fireplace (or two!) for winter.

Note the pigs – they are Mangalica pigs that are originally Hungarian and bred for their meat. B loves Mangalica pork. I like their curly hair, personally. The one whose snout you can see in the photos had a snorty conversation with me through the fence. It went like this:

Pig: Grunt grunt

Me: Grunt

Pig: Grunt grunt snuffle

Me: Grunt, snort.


Yes, I am a proper grown up.


About SKR

30-something Australian who happened to live in Budapest for 8 months in 2012. Returned for a holiday in 2014 & 2015. Became a mum in 2016.
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2 Responses to Rural Life

  1. Barry says:

    If you have a whitewashed mudbrick house, thatched roof and pots of geraniums, one thing will be missing!

    A tribe of dark curly haired (green and blue eyed) Aussie Hungarian kids…. Wild, dirty, fun loving outdoors types who play cowboys and Indians, barbies, Lego, ride horses are always swimming in the river next to the barn and have perpetually snotty noses!

    Can I come and live nearby (I’ll bring Mary too)


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