In love with Venice

The rumours are true – Venice IS more romantic than Paris!
I love it.

We paid a huge sum for lunch (silly) and a huge sum for a gondola ride (essential) and had a lovely day exploring winding streets, tiny bridges, canals, shops; as well as the usual people watching and taking photos.

Gothic-Venetian window shapes

My first gondola spotting!

Ah, canals with bluey-green water. Pretty!

Apparently many buildings are vacant (though anything with plants in the windows is not, according to our gondolier!) because rent has gone up to around €4000-€5000 per month. The average Italian wage is €1200 per month! Someone who was born in Venice can’t necessarily afford to live there as they did as a young adult.

Bit excited!

After lunch

Look, we’re on a gondola!!

We waited for about five minutes with cameras posed for this bridge to be clear of people!

The gondoliers – but not as I know them in Gilbert and Sullivan!

Location:Via Cà Savorgnan,Venice,Italy

About SKR

30-something Australian who happened to live in Budapest for 8 months in 2012. Returned for a holiday in 2014 & 2015. Became a mum in 2016.
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2 Responses to In love with Venice

  1. Bron says:

    I want to go there so bad! And I also would wait several minutes for a photo op to be clear of people. Damn tourists!


  2. sziasteph says:

    In that five minutes, my foot was bitten by some crazy insect and it drove me bananas all night with itchiness!!! Damn tourists X2!


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