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Budapest, 11/12/15

I spent most of today snoozing because I have a cold (damn aeroplane germs) but we went for a nice evening walk around town again. Andrássy Ut — Golden Hour at 3:30pm Vörösmarty Ter Deák Ferenc Ter & one of … Continue reading

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Hungarian food is my new favourite

The food here is DELICIOUS. This is a medium-sized, round loaf of crusty bread, hollowed out, then filled with stuffed cabbage. The cabbage leaves are so soft they are translucent; they’re stuffed with minced pork, rice & spices. Sour cream … Continue reading

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Have A Grape Day

Have A Grape Day

Lovely day out of town today – well, still in Budapest, but in the woods and the hills – a chairlift up to the top, a climb to the lookout, and a ride on the children’s railway through the woods and the dappled sunshine back to the tram which speedily took us back into town.
Cheapest, loveliest day out in the sun.

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Flea Market Treasure Hunt

Flea Market Treasure Hunt

I paid about $36AUD for a tiny vintage tin, a huge old key and two very old brooches. The old guy and I bartered using a calculator, after I told him, “nem beszélek Magyarul” (I don’t speak Hungarian), and then he kept talking to me in Hungarian… Turns out I really *don’t* speak it, he realised, so we used the calculators to come to an agreement.
The market is full of the usual stuff – people flogging of electrical goods, mobile phone covers, second-hand shoes and clothes, old postcards, jewellery, watches, Russian cameras, cheap imports, army badges, Soviet-era pins/badges, old photos, tins (TINS! I COULD HAVE BOUGHT SO MANY BEAUTIFUL TINS!!… but alas, how to send them home?), metal make-up compacts with disintegrating powder-puffs still inside, porcelain figurines, 1970s ice-skates and roller-skates, carved wooden Scottish Terrier dogs and other assorted oddities.
We got there at about 9.45am and it took about an hour and a half to walk around and browse. We skipped some stalls.
More info on the Petofi Csarnok Flea Market here:

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